Aphrodisiacs in Tudor Times

There has long been an appetite by readers and film viewers for the Tudor period as portrayed in novels, sumptuous costume dramas and documentary film. Have you ever been curious about the Tudors’ view of sex and sexuality? My recently published book Sex and Sexuality in Tudor England reveals myths and truths about how our Tudor antecedents conducted their sexual … Read More

The Devonshire Manuscript and Courtly Love

Courtly love was a game much played out at the Tudor Court of Henry VIII. However during the mid-1530s, this game of courtly love became real, touching some with consequences that belong to the world of chivalric legends. Certain events associated with the Duke of Norfolk’s family led to scarily tangible consequences associated with forbidden love. This particular story of … Read More

Did Henry VIII Have a Medical Problem Regarding Procreation?

Henry VIII, Impotence and the Thorny Question of Male Heirs Sex and Sexuality in Tudor England was published in March 2022. In this book, which is full of many gems relating to Sex in the Tudor Era, I also include a theory as to why Henry VIII is known to have had only two male children, neither of whom was … Read More