Six Writers and a Microphone

In late 2016, six writers with a connection to Greece formed “Write Club”, a support group, and a year later they were on the air with Write Club the Podcast. Since its debut on December 4, 2017, more than 5,000 people in 31 different countries have tuned in. And it is getting great reviews.

“I love listening to the podcasts. It makes me feel a part of a real writing community,” says Alizon Brunning, course leader in creative writing at the University of Cumbria. “My favorite parts are the critiques of writers’ work as I really like listening to the extracts and then hearing what people think.”
The program has a brief ‘Name the Novel’ quiz, discussions about the challenges writers face, crimes against the English language and recommended reading. Each episode features one member reading from a work in progress, followed by critiques from the others.
“I’m convinced that our success is due to the variety of segments that interests both writers and readers,” says Stephanie Rouse, one of the group’s founders. “Plus, we have great fun doing it and we keep things moving at a good pace.”

The second half of the podcast features authors discussing their writing habits and techniques. To date, they include Laura Marshall (Friend Request); E.R. Harding (Manumission; Charlotte Betts (The Apothecary’s Daughter); Carol McGrath (The Handfasted Wife), and many others.
“How many places will you have these many authors in one location, discussing the progress of their latest work, and you get to listen in,” says Georgie Bailey, a listener from the USA.
The six presenters are obviously good friends and passionate about writing. Listeners are active on the Write Club The Podcast Facebook Group and have variously described the show as fascinating, informative, inspiring and, on occasions, laugh-out-loud funny.

Meet the Cast

Stephanie Rouse is a Writer, Reader, Daydream believer and would-be Domestic Goddess, who divides her times between South London and Stoupa. She has just completed her first novel.
Theresa Stoker is a playwright, essayist, and short story writer. She lives in Lancashire, Hampshire and the Mani.
Pat Woolfe is a retired teacher of English and Drama. She is working on a story that may or may not be short. Pat splits her time between Manchester and Stoupa.
Heather Worsley is writing a series of stories based on her work in safeguarding vulnerable adults. She splits her time between Buxton and Lefktron
Nicola Cairncross is a digital marketing strategist, speaker, podcaster and has written five business books. She is writing a sci-fi epic called The Torus Trilogy. Nicola lives in Shoreham-by-Sea and Lefktron.
Linda Jackim Werlein, the only American, is a retired editor from the USA who now lives full-time in Stoupa. She writes stories set in the Appalachian Mountains where she grew up.
Write Club the Podcast is free on iTunes, Stitcher, and Radio Public, or visit to listen on audioBoom. Also, free to join is the Write Club the Podcast Facebook Group, where listeners discuss points of interest with fellow members. The FB group is an integral part of the club’s main objective: creating a community of writers. Everyone is welcome.

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